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First Responders

Our School of Ultrasound is proud to provide free ultrasound scans to not only our first responders and their families, but to any individual willing to donate their time. By serving as a “Patient Model,” members of the community not only provide an educational opportunity for our students to practice and perfect their scanning expertise, but stay on top of their personal healthcare needs. Neither a medical diagnosis nor consultation will be given but individuals may be advised to seek the advice of their own personal physician. To schedule your free ultrasound scan please fill out our contact form or call us at 602-200-0437.


Our ultrasound faculty and students participate in several community screening events each year by volunteering for TOPS. The program promotes the well-being of young athletes by providing free sports physical screenings, including cardiac ultrasound testing, to students participating in interscholastic athletics or associated activities. Each year students with previously undiagnosed cardiac conditions are identified and are referred to often live-saving follow-up with a cardiologist.